How to Get Back into Writing

Life happens. Maybe you got scheduled extra hours at work or maybe the kids got sick or maybe you had a social event you couldn’t skip. Either way you missed a day of writing, then two, then many. Before you knew it you were out of the writing groove and unsure of how to get back into things. Luckily there are some different things you can do to get back into writing.

  • Don’t beat yourself up. Guilt about not writing or whether you’re any good kills productiveness. Don’t give into guilt.
  • Get back into writing mode by reading. Pay attention to the words and mechanisms the author is using. Reading is a great teacher.
  • Start writing. This is the most important step. Set a timer for 15 minutes and freewrite or write about a character in your WiP. This doesn’t have to go into your story, it’s just to get the words and ideas flowing. Journal about how you’re struggling or about your goals for this week. Just write.
  • Give yourself permission to write badly and keep going. All your sentences seem clunky and awkward and that’s okay. Keep writing. You can always edit a bad page, you can’t edit a blank page.
  • Do writing sprints. Write as much as you can for 10 minutes. Find a writing buddy to do challenge with. Take a break and then start again. Pretty soon the words will flow on their own.
  • Sit down to write every day. Make writing a habit and establish a routine.

Welcome back to writing. What tips do you have for getting back into the writing groove? Share below and happy writing!


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How to Develop a Writing Routine

Have you ever tried a writing routine? These can be great in helping to keep writer’s block at bay and keep the words flowing. It’s important to create a habit and stick to it. Let’s look at some tips for starting a writing routine.

Give up your guilty pleasures, at least while you are writing. Close the Netflix and sit down to write. You don’t have to give up your favorite shows for good. Instead schedule in breaks from your writing where you can indulge in an episode, just don’t devolve into watching the entire season instead of writing.

Just write. Don’t spend hours or days daydreaming about your story or fall into the researching rabbit hole. At some point you actually have to write. Set aside specific times to research each week.

Find the space and time where you work best and show up to it every day. You have to make writing a habit by doing it consistently. It will be difficult at first, but the words will come if you do. Devote at least an hour a day to writing.

Be organized. Schedule your writing and researching days each week and stick to your schedule. Organize all your notes and character sheets for easy use and access.

Schedule in breaks either by time or word count. Get up and stretch, take a walk, check your Facebook page, or watch an episode of your show. Reward yourself and then get back to work.

Protect your writing time. Life happens, but if you’re letting everything else keep you from writing, you’re not a writer. Writers write, so make writing a priority.

Do Not edit as you go. Get the story down and save the critiquing for later when it’s time to edit. Just create.

Have a goal. Whether its write for an hour or getting 1000 words down, a goal will help motivate you to get started and for accomplishing your goals.  Aim for something tangible and get started.

Remember it takes time to develop a habit, but once you do you’ll see your productivity rise. Do you have any writing rituals or routines? Comment below and happy writing.


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