It is with very real pleasure that I make this announcement today. Along with Isa McLaren and Rebekah Jonesy, I am pleased as punch to say we are launching our new publishing house, Three Furies Press! Three Furies Press already has a focused and dedicated team and authors we are excited to be publishing for 2019 and beyond. Our release schedule starts in April with the re-release of Angelborn on the 11th and the premier release of Heavenfire on the 25th. I cannot wait to get these books out to you and will have more information on these soon. Keep an eye out for buy links for my books and other books published by Three Furies Press.


Three Furies Press is a passion for all of us, and we are taking our experience and expertise with us to this new project. We are dedicated to publishing high quality books and making exciting merchandise. We may expand to other avenues in the future, so keep a watch out for the exciting things we will have coming.


I hope you are all as excited as I am! And look forward to the releases of the Angelborn series coming this month!


2 thoughts on “BIG NEWS!

  1. WOuld you be interested in publishing and marketing a historical novel set in France in the late 1500s. The novel is nearing completion having a word count of 90-100k words.


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